Resources are at the heart of nearly every major challenge facing businesses and our economy. dMASS provides tools and a unique, positive perspective for leaders who are navigating a rapidly-changing and uncertain world.  The businesses that will thrive in the future are those that deliver much more value with drastically fewer resources.  

dMASS maps a company's resource risk profile as part of the platform partnership engagement process. In addition, we scan the global innovation environment to understand the patterns and trends that unlock value.



Our Platform Partnerships enable companies to benefit from our database and innovator relationships by engaging directly with the innovators who are reshaping the future of your company's markets. Our partners will see the next emerging technology sectors, be better informed about the latest thinking and changes in sustainability, materials, and manufacturing, and find the most relevant innovation collaborators.


dMASS Expert Network

dMASS’s expert network engages innovators in a variety of organized events to help companies devise amazing solutions to perplexing problems. These events include individual speaking engagements, corporate and investor advisory panels, and strategy sessions. 


Naked Value: Six Things Every Business Needs to Know About Resources, Innovation & Competition offers what no other book has: a positive, practical strategy for pursuing innovation in a way that successfully aligns good business and good environmental practices. It explains why future industry leaders will be the companies that succeed in providing the most benefits to customers with the fewest resources, shows businesses how to manage resources for competitive advantage, and offers strategies for designing disruptive products. Purchase a copy here

Naked Value