Increasing demand for dwindling resources has converged with rapid advancements in technology to create a climate of unprecedented risk and opportunity for businesses and for those who invest in them. In a world of nearly eight billion people, manufacturers and consumers are competing for access to the same natural resources. Industry leaders know that the next generation of their products must be radically re-designed to hedge against supply chain risks, but they don’t know what the future looks like or how to disconnect their companies’ growth from resource use.


dMASS is building a platform to match established companies with game-changing innovations and new ways of partnering with innovators. We do this by using our proprietary, global innovations database of over 3000 technologies, research, and business innovations; and our active network of innovators whose work is changing the way the world uses natural resources.


invisible trends


In addition to individual innovations, dMASS identifies patterns and trends in new sustainable technology that may not be visible using traditional analytics.  In the emerging economy, many of the most important innovation trends – like light-weighting, miniaturization, modularity, open source information distribution, biofabrication and biomimicry – are found in a patchwork of privately developed technologies that drive value while utilizing fewer net resources. Our methods of discovering, vetting and classifying innovations allows us to identify technology currents that have previously been invisible. 



Becoming a Platform Partner is a safe and strategic opportunity to invest in sustainable innovation through dMASS. Our Platform Partnerships enable companies to benefit from our database and innovator relationships by engaging directly with the innovators who are reshaping the future of your company's markets.  Our partners will see the next emerging technology sectors, be better informed about the latest thinking and changes in sustainability, materials, and manufacturing, and find the most relevant innovation collaborators. We designed the dMASS Platform Partnership program with three goals in mind:


track opportunities

Help companies identify opportunities and threats and systematically connect with innovation that can yield higher resource performance.

in the future 

Create a new investment vehicle that moves global markets towards sustainability.


Accelerate innovation by vetting and supporting the most promising technologies that are enabling a more sustainable society.



Be A Vital Partner

  • Be seen as a leader among the innovators that matter most to the future of your industry.

  • Show the global community of innovators that your company is looking to connect and has cross-industry reach.

  • Have your logo and a description of your company’s commitment to innovation on our website, as well as a live link to your site.

See The Future First

  • Get early access to weekly listings of new innovation profiles.

  • Receive pattern-and-trend briefings or reports received before other users.

  • Receive special alerts of events that affect global resource use and supply patterns.

Connect With Innovators

  • Use dMASS-designed custom corporate profile to identify your company’s resource risks and opportunities, and to find the best innovations matches for your needs.

  • Get introductions to the innovators changing the world and your industry.

Building & Construction . Consumer Packaged Goods . Chemicals . Energy . Finance . Transportation . Food & Beverage . Information & Communication Technology . Pharmaceuticals . Textiles

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1. I sent you my details, what happens next?

Thanks for reaching out. We will be in touch soon to introduce ourselves more fully, to understand your interests and suggest how we can best help. Our success is built on our relationships with innovators and we want to continue to grow by partnering with business and financial leaders who understand that a sustainable business future requires thinking differently.

2. Can I review innovations myself?

Our online platform is designed to give you quick and easy access to a range
of innovations so you can begin exploring at your own pace. To post comments, conduct searches and ask questions of our innovators, you will need to become a platform partner.

3. How does dMASS innovation matchmaking work?

We begin by constructing a resource and technology risk profile of your company, division or department.  While you are exploring our public data platform, we will be exploring too, using our detailed data, proprietary searching and classification system based on our Naked Value framework, to match the dMASS-designed corporate profile with our innovator profiles.  Our process will lead you to the best matches to address your needs and risks.  

4. Why do I need to pay?

Anyone can see innovations we profile on a daily basis, however, our comprehensive database is filled with additional information, proprietary sorting and classification systems, and data analysis insights that enable us to directly match your company’s specific needs with the innovations and innovators who can solve your problems. 

5. Are your relationships exclusive? Can’t I just research a company and contact them directly?

No, our relationships are not exclusive (we want the innovators to succeed), and yes you can contact the innovator yourself. However, innovators choose to work with us because:

  • Innovators frequently receive calls from big brands and investors, but find that they spend too much time conversing with organizations that are in an information gathering stage, not ready to engage the innovator, and frequently become a distraction from the innovator’s priorities. 
  • Our client-education session shows clients new opportunities and solutions they would not have considered – when we contact the innovator, the client (brand or investor) understands the value and opportunity a particular innovation can bring. 
  • Enterprise is slow. Each industry partner has exclusive industry representation in our platform partnership program, and first mover advantage of seeing and connecting with innovators in their domain; we connect some innovators to multiple industry vertical partners. Start-ups have limited capacity as they grow and don’t have the infrastructure to support growth that enterprise does. The companies quickest to craft the right relationships with innovators will gain competitive advantage.
  • We understand innovators. Our service is free to innovators and we have high-touch trusting relationships with them so we are one of the first places that emerging social impact innovators engage.  

6. How do you find the innovations and innovators?

We connect with the right innovators in various ways.  We find the right innovators via 3rd party data providers (Kickstarter, etc.) and news feeds, and most importantly – innovator referrals.  

7. How is this different from other R&D, outsourcing and innovation services? 

We don’t just talk about what kinds of innovation and research you need. dMASS matchmaking can introduce you to the people and start-up companies who are already influencing your company’s future.

8. What industries do you work with and/or are being disrupted?  

We have mapped ten industry verticals that we believe are the most ready for transformative sustainable innovation: Building & Construction, Consumer Packaged Goods, Chemicals, Energy, Finance, Food and Beverage, Information and Communication Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Transportation

9. Why are you only allowing one partner for each industry vertical?  

There are two reasons:

  • We are working with one partner from each of the listed industries so that companies' commitments are highly visible, exclusive and valuable.
  • Capacity. We are a startup too and want to make sure we deliver on our promises to innovators and companies as we build our technology platform for future scale. 

10. Who are the innovators?

We have over 3,000 innovators in our database. These include research institutes, commercial ventures, start-ups and established technology companies.

11. How can I access the innovations? 

You can view listed innovations at To post comments, conduct searches and ask questions of our innovators, you will need to become a platform partner.  

12. Is there any obligation if I ask for information? 

No obligation at all.