An extraordinary opportunity to lead the tech team for an early-stage startup with a bold mission and funded by a unique partnership with a Fortune 100 company. Our mission is to accelerate the deployment of sustainable tech innovation in large companies and to create opportunities for the community of tech innovators. The right candidate is excited about:

  • Building a substantial company in a rapidly evolving ecosystem

  • Working with an outstanding team of entrepreneurs and executives

  • Creating value for investors and the team

  • Working with and enhancing a data platform of innovations that are changing the future of industry

  • Helping accelerate sustainable innovation across multiple industry sectors

  • Targeting a huge addressable market



Our "ask" is not for the faint of heart! We are looking for an experienced, hard-working, and friendly Senior UX/UI designer. We are a startup using Agile Methodology with aggressive timelines and deliverables.  We might be a difficult client to work with for a couple of reasons; one frustration might be that the leadership team expects our design sense and feedback to be integrated into the deliverables. The other pressure point will come from delivering against hard deadlines and rapid turnaround from feedback to execution.  Finally, we have been moving so fast that we have skipped over the wireframing step and went straight to clickable prototypes. 

The team consists of a product lead, a project manager, a technology lead, a data scientist, and a business analyst. We are a team of professionals who have direct and honest conversations all focused on the same objective: Delivering the most valuable MVP possible given time and resource constraints. And we are having a lot of fun doing it.  We have an immediate need for a talented UX/UI designer to help us glue together all the critical pieces as we sprint toward an MVP.

Now that I am sure I have scared away a bunch of people, if you are intrigued, keep reading!  

*Undaunted by steep learning curves and unfazed by complexity.
*Passion for translating complex problems into intuitive solutions
*You can work efficiently on your own but love to collaborate. You’re a team player whom people trust. Experience working in a collaborative team and working with product management and engineering teams directly to ensure seamless and continuous development and deployment.
*You’re a great verbal, written, and visual communicator.

*Deep, demonstrated experience in interaction design (user flows, sketches, wireframes, specifications/documentation, Storyboards, and prototypes)
*Understand and articulate the information architecture, workflows, and processes surrounding the user experience
*Fluency with user research and usability testing methods and tools
*Demonstrated project management skills
*Start-up experience

*Design Style: We like elegant and simple. But our the designs need to pack a lot of function and features with a user-friendly experience. 
*TimeZone: We work on East Coast Time (EST) and expect you to be able to do the same. 
*User Feedback: There is a User Feedback Session from 8:00-8:30 AM EST on 12/13 and we may ask you to participate. 

*You must be able to create click-through diagrams or highly functional, rich prototypes with conditional logic, dynamic content, animations, math functions, and data-driven interactions. The prototypes will have several data visualizations and complex interactions. 

*We need wireframes (basic sketches) showing designated positions, layouts, and sizes finalized for seven user journey scenarios by Friday, 12/14. [We have SEVEN defined user journeys].

*We need clickable prototypes for 3 specific user journey scenarios finalized by Friday, 12/21. [Status: We have THREE wireframes, but they need to be revised and converted into clickable prototypes.]

*We need clickable prototypes for THREE specific user journey scenarios finalized by Friday, 12/28. [Status: These wireframes will need to be started from scratch and turned into clickable prototypes.]

*We have ONE user journey that partly exists as a clickable prototype but needs to be revised.



Our social media accounts have been dormant for about a year now. I have limited capacity to generate a strategy for each social media channel (particularly focused on: Slack, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube). I need someone who has designed social media strategies for B2B, create the content, and potentially engage with social media followers/fans etc. The right professional voice, articulation and communications need to be used for the type of audience we target. We are in the innovation space and interact with digital and corporate innovation leaders looking to accelerate innovation inside Fortune 500 companies. The types of innovations we track are everything from concept to on the market and we engage with innovators (startups) too! This project is not without challenges, and I am looking for someone who can partner with me to drive results (increase engagement on social media channels but ultimately translate to sales lead generation as well).



The Product/Technology Lead will serve as a member of the executive team reporting to the CEO and will be responsible for leading the overall architecture and detailed software development to build the current Innovation Engine into a fully functional product complete with user interface and advanced functionality.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Build and lead the technical team

  • Oversee the build-out of the company's SaaS enterprise platform that is designed to accelerate the deployment of sustainable tech innovation, help companies anticipate and benefit from disruptive innovations, and to provide assistance to innovators

  • Work with CEO as part of management team, help shape company culture and future product versions, be in touch with the future of global tech innovation.


The successful candidate will have an exceptional track record in the development of similar software packages and a history of leadership within a high-growth environment. The candidate should possess strong leadership, communications, and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to collaborate in a fast-moving entrepreneurial culture. A candidate should demonstrate integrity and judgment, and the ability to generate trust and build strong relationships with clients and colleagues. Required competencies include but are not limited to:

  • 7+ years of relevant software development and engineering experience, 3+ years of people management experience, and 2+ years of experience managing software development teams

  • A successful track record of building, leading, developing, and retaining high performance teams in high growth environments

  • Strength in platform architecture development

  • Experience in Data/Platform Security

  • Proven success in project management with ability to meet aggressive timelines and deliver on budget.

  • Comfort with fast-moving tech start up environment

  • High energy, entrepreneurial, and capable of creating new opportunities, a positive culture, and high performance in all areas of the Company

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Familiarity with and ability to oversee niche experts, including:

    • UX/UI

    • Query languages (MySQL), Experience with NoSQL databases (E.g.SOLR)

    • IBM cloud/AWS/Azure and Cloud administration

  • Existing network of connections in the tech industry


  • Platform architecture design and infrastructure planning

  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

  • Semantic taxonomies and machine learning experience

  • Predictive analytics

  • Persistent storage/ SQL

  • Distributed systems and Blockchain platforms

About dMASS

dMASS is a NYC-based start-up building an Innovation Engine that connects industry to transformative innovation. The Innovation Engine is an enterprise-focused SaaS platform that enables corporations to identify technology innovations to help mitigate and avoid operational disruption while simultaneously driving new product development and improving competitiveness in the face of disruptive change.

Founded in 2012 by experienced professionals from the innovation and environmental consulting world, dMASS has worked with a number of major corporate clients to refine the vision for the Innovation Engine based upon the Company’s book and proprietary “Naked Value” algorithm. 

Companies see disruptive change as random and unpredictable BUT innovation is predictable if you know how to look for it. The product is pre-launch in the B2B space with a proven market, a proprietary database of 4000+ innovations, and an algorithm for finding, classifying, and tracking technology.  Our product will be AI-driven to enable users to see important trends, identify likely winners and losers from emerging tech, find potential partnerships across many industry verticals, and discover new ways to improve business effectiveness.