DMASS INC. (“dMASS”) is a research and advisory firm focused on innovations that do better with less. Our products and services provide insight into resource use, technology trends, and business strategies using videos, research articles, subscription- based newsletter and innovations portal (a subscription-based database of innovations) carefully curated, vetted and analyzed by dMASS Inc.

To protect our intellectual property as well as reputation for objectivity, we have strict standards for appropriate use of our company name and research. The dMASS name and published materials are subject to trademark and copyright protection, regardless of source. This policy defines how you may use the dMASS name, take excerpts of dMASS research or quote dMASS analysts. dMASS reserves the right of refusal.

Policy: Individuals accessing our published reports, blogs, articles, videos, reports and analysis may quote the aforementioned published research material without pre-approval provided that they utilize either the pre-formatted citation provided for you by dMASS Inc. or any other accepted citation format utilized within academia or industry. This requirement to cite our original works also applies to any third party that writes and/or promotes content on your behalf, including partner organizations.

If you have questions on our citation policy, please contact us directly at