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Get more bang for your mass: using surfaces for marketing and education

Everywhere I look, I see surfaces that business and other organizations could turn into dual-purpose tools that market a brand, educate a population, enrich our daily visual experience, or communicate a message.  By getting more function out of mass that's already in use, you can minimize your resource (and cash) investment.  The London-based marketing firm Curb has some of the best examples of dMass marketing strategies.  They use existing surfaces and little other material to promote messages in a sustainable, natural fashion, doing everything from field ads to "snow tagging." 

In Barcelona, I saw this terrific education strategy: a sign on a cement wall that spelled out the name of a neighborhood conjugated in Catalan.  Why don't we use sidewalks, road surfaces, walls, windows, or packaging as dual-function, educational tools?  Imagine the possibilities in using surfaces for community education - displaying math problems, vocabulary, grammar tips, and much more. 

I also saw this marketing campaign in Barcelona to remind pedestrians to look both ways before crossing street ("in Barcelona 1 out of every 3 traffic related deaths are pedestrians"). 

In the U.S., Cambridge drivers are getting yoga advice along with their parking tickets.  A strange mix, but think about the array of options. 

What existing material or surface could you transform into a dual-function tool to deliver a message?

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