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Creating a Secure Future for the World & Your Business: The two reasons why we share what we do

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For the past several weeks over at Twitter, we've been highlighting discoveries and innovative solutions that deliver more wealth with less mass.  Supply chain management improvements, high-tech developments, energy harvesting, nanotechnology, dematerialization, new business models, biomimicry, waste re-use, resource security, and more - we've covered a lot of ground.  These things are vitally important to businesses and to our collective future.  Here's why.

dMASS is about facing the global challenge of creating wealth at an unprecedented scale on a sustainable basis with a shrinking resource base.  There's a transformation underway that will enable us to meet this challenge.  But it's not happening broadly enough, nor fast enough.

We're sharing information on Twitter and here at the blog for two reasons.  First, we want to help others recognize examples related to dMASS, exchange ideas, and accelerate change so we can create a secure future.  Second, there is a tremendous amount of potential for businesses that can deliver more value (or more benefits) to their customers with less mass.  These are the business that will thrive in the future.  We're helping people think about what their organizations do, how they deliver it, how they use resources, and how to find the opportunities that will help them gain an edge in this changing environment. 

Thanks for joining us here.  We'd love to hear from you when you spot interesting examples.

1 Comment