This fall Howard Brown of dMASS and Mark Loeffler of Atelier Ten will present “Dematerializing the Built Environment: In Theory & Practice” at Greenbuild 2013. Today we’re excited to announce a partnership with Atelier Ten to identify better with less innovations in the built environment leading up to the conference. Atelier Ten is a collaborative, interdisciplinary and innovative consultancy of environmental designers, building services engineers, and lighting designers focused on delivering high-performance, low-energy solutions in the built environment. The firm has completed projects across the globe, from the UK to Singapore, Morocco, Qatar, and has offices in London, New York, San Francisco, New Haven, and Glasgow.

Look for regular contributions from the Atelier Ten team in the coming weeks in the dMASS Insights newsletter. In addition, members of the Atelier Ten team will be publishing articles on regarding projects, technologies, and design strategies they are encountering in their work.

In addition, while we continue to screen innovations for inclusion in the dMASS database and vet innovations for contests in all fields, we’re putting a call out right now particularly for the built environment. Send us your suggestions for innovations that deliver more benefits with drastically fewer resources in the built environment - we’ll select three to be featured in Howard and Mark’s Greenbuild presentation.