Darkside Scientific LumiLor
Darkside Scientific LumiLor

What will a revolution in lighting look like? New technologies are dramatically changing how we design, build, and maintain the built environment. But introducing an innovation to an established industry is no easy task, especially when you consider the complexity of larger systems. Lighting, for example, traditionally works in concert with wiring, fixtures and ballasts, light bulbs, and electricity. Launching a new standalone component is seldom adequate for a lighting technology to succeed. Developments in lighting have been received in the marketplace with tempered enthusiasm in recent years. While architects and lighting designers wish for better lighting, they are hesitant to be the early adopters. Client expectations in illumination quality, control, brightness, distribution, and efficiency are well established; it seems there is little tolerance for variance. Additionally, any change within an existing system requires a parallel adjustment in the support network and preparation of trained professionals to service the technology over time.

So let's consider how to get closer to the Naked Value of illumination. Is it possible to deliver light without light bulbs?

One pattern that we have observed in innovation is the translation of tools or technologies from one industrial sector to another. Darkside Scientific is a company that delivers light in the form of paint. The company's flagship product LumiLor is making light possible where it hasn’t been possible before. Darkside's patented electroluminescent coating system can be spray-painted on flat, curved, or uneven surfaces to turn nearly anything into a light. The technology does not emit light like conventional light sources. Its brightness per square area makes it ideal for many applications, including road signs, which are often over lit. LumiLor also has the potential to be the primary light source in bulbless lamps, accent lighting, and special effect or stage lighting. But this is just the beginning of how lighting is being redefined. Darkside is pursuing opportunities to lightweight airplanes, where any object can become a light source, meaning the elimination of current lighting infrastructure and subsequent weight and fuel savings.

Though the technology is still dependent on a wired electrical switch, it is not unrealistic to believe that DIY custom lights without wiring, fixtures, light bulbs or electricians are within our future. As lighting moves toward modular, flexible and structural integration, we will eventually see painted “light walls” designed into our homes and offices, saving resources that would otherwise be embedded in structures.

As technological problems are overcome, our imagination will remain as the single greatest limitation. We are excited to watch the lighting industry as the convergence of spray-on solar cells, spray-on batteries, and now spray-on light, make their way into our lives.