Installation of typical, large wind turbines requires land plus resources to build a tower, which can run upwards of 300 feet tall. Large wind turbines are also often criticized for the noise they can produce.

A new wind turbine design from Poduhvat is a compact design suitable for urban applications. It maximizes wanted benefits (power generation) and minimizes unwanted byproducts (noise). In addition, the turbine can be mounted on existing infrastructure, like lighting poles and building rooftops to reduce the amount of resources needed to build infrastructure for turbines alone. Poduhvat’s design also facilitates the decentralization of electricity production, reducing transmission losses and bringing power closer to where it’s used.

With more than half the world’s population living in cities and urban growth continuing, what are the implications for the way we generate and distribute electricity? What are the opportunities for technologies like Poduhvat’s turbine?