The field of health monitoring is growing all the time, while the monitoring devices themselves are getting smaller. Small heart rate monitors, bracelets, and other networked devices that track exercise, sleep, and movement have become commonplace. Now the ability to collect and track more sophisticated health data using just a thin, stick-on sensor is becoming a reality.

MC10 has developed a diagnostic sensor that bonds to skin to collect information on activity, to track temperature, and to potentially even collect electrocardiogram data. The electronic sensor is waterproof, it stretches, and it’s unobtrusive. It’s also a major advance in integrating electronics in the skin for a variety of health applications.

The first step in improving health monitoring was to make devices more portable. Now they’re becoming even smaller, and in some cases integrated with our bodies. Do you see other industries or technologies with the potential to move from big and standalone, to smaller or even integrated within larger systems?