Keycards, passcodes, scanners, and fingerprint readers are just a few of the security technologies that have replaced keyed entry to buildings. A new product called ShareKey takes keyless security to a new level. With integration via smart phone apps, “ShareKey sends electronic keys directly to the user’s mobile phone, in the form of a QR code attached to an e-mail or MMS.” This means that users can send permissions allowing people to enter their homes (or offices, etc.) at certain times. For example, ShareKey users could allow building superintendents to enter their apartments for a timed window on a specific day to, say, make a repair. Users could provide an extra “set of keys” to house guests for the duration of their stay. In both cases, permissions would be revoked whenever the owner chooses.

Keyless entry offers a reduced-mass solution, but ShareKey takes the technology even further with smart conveniences. The company's strategy shows that to stay competitive, businesses must find ways to not only reduce resource use, but to deliver additional benefits to customers as well.