It’s always exciting to see a new product that looks completely different than its predecessors, something that redefines what that product is, or even eliminates the need for a physical product altogether. But that’s not always possible. In sports, a golf club is probably always going to look like a golf club, a bat like a bat, and a hockey stick like a hockey stick. What’s interesting about CCM’s new RBZ hockey stick is how it looks on the inside. Lightweight, hollow composite stick shafts have been around for years and have largely replaced traditional solid wood shafts. They’ve also become more sophisticated, as manufacturers have manipulated tiny layers of carbon fiber to deliver the right combination of strength and flexibility in exactly the right places, and even added nanocoatings to prevent damage.

CCM has now made the blade hollow, too. Other composite blades have a foam-filled inner core. According to CCM, eliminating the foam inside the stick blade makes for a more powerful shot.

Less weight, less material, more benefits – it’s a winning combination for increased resource performance.