Every attempt to replace a physical object with a technology that approximates that object won’t work out right away. Consider the dimmable windows in Boeing’s new Dreamliner 787. The electrochromic windows contain a gel between two layers of glass that darkens when a current is applied. With dimmable windows, Boeing could eliminate plastic window shades and presumably a little weight from the airplane, saving fuel. The windows were also intended to increase comfort, by allowing passengers to select a customized light setting, and to give more control to flight attendants. Unfortunately, Boeing’s first airline customer has said the windows are not dark enough, so Boeing is working on a solution. Still, it’s an interesting example of how technology is being applied to eliminate mass and even entire objects while retaining benefits. Many more electrochromic glass applications are being employed in buildings and cars to reduce resource use and increase safety. [contact-form 2 "ResourceFix Tip Contact Form"]