A new report from PwC explores trends in packaging and sustainability, arguing in part that “the product, its packaging and the related supply chain has to be viewed as a single solution, not a sum of disconnected parts when it comes to reducing the impact on the environment.” New materials and new designs that use fewer resources or facilitate recycling are hot topics in packaging. But, as the report suggests, there are opportunities to do better with less throughout the supply chain, including manufacturing processes. For example, new packaging machinery from Matrix Packaging Machinery “packs the punch of two machines in the footprint of one.” By virtue of its higher capacity, the food-packaging Matrix X machine requires less factory floor space. That means fewer resources are needed in the construction and operation of a factory to package a given number of goods, including fewer resources for lighting, heating, cooling, and maintaining factory floor space. We explored various packaging innovations in a past newsletter. What other opportunities do you see?

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