Designer Luc Fusaro’s “Designed to Win” running shoe for sprinters weighs a little more than three ounces. Fusaro’s work is based on the idea that “tuning the mechanical properties of a sprint shoe to the physical abilities of an athlete” can increase performance. In other words, customization helps. Nike and adidas have been active in the race to make lighter, better-performing running shoes too, and they're offering more customization options as well. Nike’s FlyKnit, which comes with an upper spun from yarn, weighs about five and a half ounces; Adidas’ new adiPure Adapt weighs even less. What’s different about Fusaro’s shoes is that they’re made using selective laser sintering, an additive manufacturing method. It’s another small step along the road to printing and growing more products, which could significantly reduce the amount of resources required for fabrication. [contact-form 2 "ResourceFix Tip Contact Form"]

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