Aside from the occasional reference to urban agriculture or precision irrigation, we don’t talk about food often. Today an article about a new sweetened creamer caught our eye with familiar words like “functionality” and “fewer resources.” Netherlands-based food company FrieslandCampina Kievit developed a new method for sweetening powdered creamer with sugar so that their customers (drink manufacturers) save money as well as packaging materials, water, and energy. According to Kievit, “The sweet creamer offers the manufacturers of sweetened instant drinks the possibility to maintain virtually the same strength of sweetness and achieve a calorie reduction of more than 20% - without the use of artificial sweeteners.” So the company’s formulation achieves the sweetness customers want with fewer resources (and fewer empty calories, though we're still just talking about sweetened drinks). What other applications might this type of thinking have in delivering more nutrition to people with fewer resources? [contact-form 2 "ResourceFix Tip Contact Form"]