launched August 10th, 2010 with our first post, "dMASS: A 21st century strategy for sustainability ." Since then, we have shared more than 100 articles and newsletters exploring design and business strategies that deliver more benefits to people using fewer resources. Very quickly, is becoming known as a valuable repository of cutting-edge examples that demonstrate how good business and good environmental strategies can be aligned profitably and effectively, as well as an indispensible resource for anyone interested in the future of innovation and sustainable design.

The dMASS newsletter is a cornerstone of what we offer. It provides a fresh perspective on the risks and opportunities businesses face today. Every issue includes dozens of real-world examples of companies improving resource performance, plus a brainstorming exercise to spark new thinking in our readers' minds, all delivered in a lively, accessible tone. If you haven't subscribed already, take a minute now to sign up on our website.

The dMASS team has delivered much more in the past year. Our video, "Design Matters: Doing Better with Less ," has clocked more than 22,000 views since its debut in January and won StumbleUpon's Get Discovered contest . It continues to garner praise for its clarity, quality, and positive message. Our recent work also includes several presentations to diverse audiences, including architects and designers, manufacturers and environmental managers, and MBA students, even reaching a global audience with a recent talk at Pecha Kucha Biz Barcelona and workshops being planned in India.

There are many more exciting developments in the works at This fall, Howard Brown will be a keynote speaker at the NAEM EHS Management Forum , the largest annual gathering for environmental, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability decision-makers. He will also speak at a TEDx event in Los Angeles focused on design. We are working on two books: one that explains the foundations of dMASS thinking and another that highlights 10 key ideas for business leaders interested in understanding the risks and opportunities associated with innovation and resource performance. In addition, Howard will publish a chapter in the upcoming Wiley Finance book, Evolutions in Sustainable Investing: Strategies, Funds, and Thought Leadership , edited by Cary Krosinsky of Trucost and due out in January 2012.

Most importantly, the dMASS team is currently working with companies to pilot new tools to help businesses manage resource performance. We are planning new offerings - tools, webinars, and workshops - to implement dMASS principles in business, design, engineering, and more.

All of us at dMASS would like to extend a warm thank you to our growing community. We believe dMASS is the most important idea for building a sustainable future. We look forward to sharing inspiring examples and concepts, continuing our conversations, and working with businesses and other organizations to facilitate important changes.

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