As we near our first anniversary at, we thought we might reach back into the archives.  Today we're sharing a few articles related to function, which you don't want to miss: Performance vs. Efficiency: dMASS thinking for better design When you design something from the standpoint of benefits or function you are much more likely to come up with a solution that performs better, not just something that’s more efficient.

The Business of Learning from Eggs: how to rethink your organization’s function Businesses and other organizations provide tools that deliver functions (which hopefully create wealth). Thinking about function is a great place to start with learning, designing, or rethinking just about anything.

How to Overcome Resistance to Change with Innovation As a designer or change agent, if you experience resistance to change brought about by innovation, think about the function that people are asking for, not the thing.

You Don’t Make Widgets: why design is about function, not things When there’s a truly innovative change, a fundamental shift in how something works, it’s easy to imagine that the designers and engineers did not start their process by asking, “How can we make this thing better?” Instead, they asked, “How can we do this better?”

When Conservation Fails If the tools we design – even the ones that are supposed to conserve resources – don’t work, then the resources invested in them are wasted.

Living in a Dwelling Machine: What are houses for? As a designer thinking about houses in 1939, Buckminster Fuller asked the most important question that every manufacturer should ask about their products and every architect should ask about the buildings they design: What is this product for?