We were playing a little brainstorming game over here at dMASS today, talking about products that use less mass than their predecessors.  What product can you think of that's lost weight? 

Here's our list of 10:

(1) Cleaning products.  From laundry detergent to counter sprays, products are more concentrated.  Smaller and lighter bottles translate into big energy savings and cost savings in shipping and warehousing. 

(2) Money.  Do you know what a money clip is?  Right.  Do you know how to pay for something via PayPal on a wireless network?  I thought so.

(3) Computer screens.  Today's devices look so different, we sometimes forget their origins.  That tiny smart phone you're using to surf the internet?  The screen alone used to weigh about 20 pounds.

(4) Packaging.  If you've ever needed first aid after trying to open a "clamshell," you're probably grateful to Amazon for moving to more sustainable, smaller packaging designs.   

(5) Music.  It's not just the record-to-CD-to-mp3 file transition that's impressive, it's also the shrinking size of the recording equipment.

(6) Video.  See #5.  From giant film reels, to videotapes, digital tapes, to video files.  And now video recording equipment is small enough to fit in anyone's hands.

(7) Stores.  See our post on McDonald's, Target, and WalMart.  It's the beginning of a trend. 

(8) Books.  There are some of us who still love the feel of a book.  For everyone else - there's an audio book waiting for you to check it out from your local library, online. 

(9) Houses.  After more than doubling in size in just 50 years, the average American home is getting a bit smaller

(10) Headphones.  Smaller, wireless, hopefully more comfortable soon too.

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