dMASS is a social venture located in New York City. We believe innovations that are optimizing resource use is the key to improving environmental conditions and business competitiveness. 


We make a difference by connecting industry to radically transformative innovation.


dMASS Inc. was founded on a simple idea: good business and good environmental management are one and the same. Our team understands the interconnections between innovation, resource management, business, and human well-being. 
Our mission is to design and build the network hub where innovators, industry leaders and investors collaborate to accelerate innovations that sustain economic development, protect the environment, and are profitable at the same time.



Kathryn Lewis, Co-founder/CEO
Kathryn has written about resources and their relationship to innovation, metrics, waste minimization, logistics, and supply chain management, and has presented dMASS research and innovations to audiences in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Prior to co-founding dMASS, Kathryn developed an online network for scientists and business leaders working in energy harvesting. Her past experience also includes healthcare management consulting, and marketing analysis for a global logistics company. She currently serves as an executive board member for o.s.Earth Inc., a company that delivers global simulation events based on Buckminster Fuller’s “The World Game.” She holds an MBA from SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy, and a BA from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. LinkedIn


Vanessa Harvey, Operations & Strategy
Vanessa Harvey is an experienced business development thinker and writer. She has worked in private and public sector enterprises as a consultant, coach, manager, speaker and writer. Vanessa has developed and implemented strategic business change programs in Europe and Asia-Pacific for telecommunications, services, government and media clients. Her interests include international co-operation, corporate social responsibility, governance and innovation. She brings a strong focus on client service delivery and effective engagement strategies to dMASS. LinkedIn



Howard J Brown, Founding Board Member
For more than 20 years as CEO of RPM Systems, Inc. (Resource Planning & Management Systems), in New Haven, Connecticut. He worked with major companies such as Duracell, Avery Dennison, Mobil, GE, John Deere, Whirlpool, Warner Lambert, and Bristol Meyers to establish or enhance their environmental practices and performance. Before the “greening” of corporations became as popular as it is today, Howard worked with clients on techniques and strategies for turning environmental costs into opportunities and integrating resource management issues profitably into corporate decision-making.  For two decades, Howard was a faculty member at Yale University and at Wesleyan University, where his courses on environmental planning and economic development inspired countless students to become leaders in this field.  Howard was also student and colleague of R. Buckminster Fuller and is an authority on the social and economic implications of Fuller’s work. Today, he delivers keynote speeches on thriving in a world with growing resource constraints. Find out more about Howard’s experience and speaking here. LinkedIn


Lionel Wolberger, Technology & Systems
Lionel Wolberger Ph.D. has 30 years experience managing IT system delivery, productization and innovation. At Cisco Systems Inc. he led the new technology delivery team over ten years integrating secure media delivery systems to enterprises such as Cox Cable, QVC Europe and News America Marketing.


Cary Krosinsky, Strategic Finance & Risk Management Analytics 
Cary Krosinsky is an expert on how business, sustainability and investment strategy can maximizing shareholder value and societal benefit. He is founder of Real Impact Tracker and he oversees and provides content for regarding Sustainable Investing. He acts as Sustainability/ESG Advisor for RLP Wealth Management, is Editor of the Journal of Environmental Investing, Co-Founder of the Carbon Tracker Initiative and Director of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets. LinkedIn


John Frazier, Green Chemistry, Closed Loop, Sustainable Materials & Processes.
John Frazier is Senior Technical Director at Hohenstein Institute America and has extensive and proven chemistry experience focusing on delivering high performance, practical, and sustainable applications and tools to industry. His work has focused on both the competitive and pre-competitive space for business.  He previously worked on delivering chemistry innovation through the lens of sustainability at NIKE, Inc. where  he developed, deployed, and oversaw product stewardship programs including: the Restricted Substance List (RSL), Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL), Sustainable Chemistry Guidance (Positive Chemistries), the Global Water Quality Program, and the Green/Healthier Chemistry Program. LinkedIn.


Mark Loeffler, IALD, LEED Fellow, and owner of Mark Loeffler Design Consulting has practiced lighting and sustainable design for more than 30 years. As an expert in architectural lighting, daylighting, and sustainable design, Mark's impact as a designer is visible on distinguished academic, healthcare, research, corporate, and recreational buildings across the US including The Jackson Laboratory in Farmington, CT, Novartis Institutes for Biological Research in Cambridge, MA, and Kaleida Health Gates Vascular Health Institute in Buffalo, NY.

Mark teaches and lectures widely for universities, and is a sought-after speaker for professional conferences on sustainability and lighting design, as well as, applying emerging technology to advance sustainability in the Built Environment. Find out more about Mark's work here .