dMASS is a social venture located in New York City. We believe optimizing resource use is the key to improving environmental conditions and business competitiveness. We make a difference by connecting industry to radically transformative innovation.


dMASS Inc. was founded on a simple idea: good business and good environmental management are one and the same. Our team understands the interconnections between innovation, resource management, business, and human well-being. Although resource constraints pose a significant threat to businesses and to communities globally, we believe that businesses can leverage innovation to deliver more benefits to more people with fewer resources - to do better with less on a large scale. We know that it’s possible to improve the quality of life for people across the globe, run profitable businesses, and manage resources more effectively.

For the past three years, dMASS has been tracking a scientific and technological revolution that holds the potential to drastically cut resource use and risks for business while meeting the needs of a growing world population. We have developed a transformational data system based on the company's underlying principle of Naked Value, which redefines value in terms of the strategic use of resources to deliver the benefits customers seek. dMASS uses this data system to discover, assess, and classify ground-breaking innovations in a host of marketplaces.

About us