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NVPs: New Naked Value Profiles Highlight Distinguished Product innovations that do better with less

In the follow-up of the book Naked Value launch last fall, dMASS Inc. has developed detailed profiles of vetted innovations moving toward naked value and doing better with less.

New Book Challenges Meaning of Product Value, Shows How Companies are Using Innovation to Manage Risk, Stay Competitive

The new book Naked Value demonstrates how new innovations are enabling businesses to deliver more to their customers while actually reducing resource use, helping those businesses manage resource-related constraints, rising costs, and related risks. (September 20, 2012. )

New Video Points to Next Generation of Sustainable Business and Competitive Advantage released “Value Matters: Innovation Has Direction,” a short, animated video revealing the direction of innovation and what it means for businesses and sustainable design. The video offers a simple method for companies to align business and environmental goals and a new way to think about products. It makes the case that any sustainable business must be built on the basis of increasing resource performance, or harvesting more wealth out of fewer resources. (January 9, 2012.)

Innovative Firm Aims to Spark Revolution in Design, Sustainability

Connecticut businessman Howard J. Brown released “Design Matters: Doing Better with Less.” In the video, Brown uses a story he originally heard Buckminster Fuller tell and explains why the key to our future and the key to successful design, innovation, and business strategy is producing drastically more benefits with drastically fewer resources: dMASS. (January 7, 2011.)

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