Naked Value

dMASS Inc. identifies hidden risks and opportunities

We draw on our unique system for detecting and classifying innovations and resource trends to help business leaders and investors gain a competitive advantage. We use our wealth of experience in business and in environmental management to help our clients profitably align the two.

Naked Value Inspiration Report. We start with a deep understanding of your product, its functions, and the benefits it delivers to your customers, and then we use our growing database and varied experience to generate a report with materials, products in development and already on the market, emerging business models, and new technology and research that will impact your product or inspire you to rethink it. With our focus on benefits rather than products or industries and our unique lens on innovation, we identify risks and opportunities that are often missed.

Innovation Matchmaking. Successful business strategy today requires a sharp focus on dramatically improving the resource performance of products. Companies are positioning themselves to win in the marketplace by leveraging emerging scientific discoveries and radical new technologies to produce more benefits for their customers with drastically fewer resources and fewer environmental impacts. dMASS workshops help participants define a vision that aligns good business and good environmental performance, map business opportunities and threats, and begin to pursue systematic, intentional innovation for higher resource performance.

Naked Value

Naked Value: Six Things Every Business Needs to Know About Resources, Innovation & Competition offers what no other book has: a positive, practical strategy for pursuing innovation in a way that successfully aligns good business and good environmental practices.

The book comes at a time when companies are struggling to stay competitive in a sputtering economy with rising resource prices and growing competition over resources. Yet, it focuses very clearly on the tremendous opportunities presented by new technologies and emerging scientific research. It explains why future industry leaders will be the companies that succeed in providing the most benefits to customers with the fewest resources, shows businesses how to manage resources for competitive advantage, and offers strategies for designing disruptive products.

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What People Are Saying

dMASS has a brilliant and critical idea about what our new currency should be, and it’s not something you can print. Cheryl Heller, Design for Social Innovation MFA program at the School of Visual Arts, Heller Communication Design, and PopTech

This book “inspires to take action” and “pushes you to do out of the box thinking.” – Petz Scholtus, and Poko Design

“[The authors] do not just ask us to think outside the box, they suggest that we eliminate the box altogether through creative disruption… The book includes tools, how-to lessons and checklists to inspire our own creative disruptions—to help us dream of new destinations for sustainability and new routes to get there that we consumers can more easily understand and embrace.” - Katherine Canipelli, The S3 Initiative.

Naked Value is a nice little book that packs a big wallop. It focuses on the fact that all businesses are (or should be) focused on delivering value to their customers, and that this value is not necessarily what the business may think it’s in… It really pushes you to think in new directions.” – Nicholas Hill, Hill Energy Services

“This is one of the most important books any business manager can read right now. Resources availability is looming on the horizon as a critical business need. This book describes why and how forward-looking managers can strategically prepare — and does so succinctly and interestingly.” Jacquelyn A. Ottman, author of The New Rules of Green Marketing

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